How To clean Bathrooms

For you to maintain good hygiene and health, it’s very important that you keep the bathrooms clean all the time. Just like any type of cleaning in the house, the bathrooms also require to be cleaned with the right cleaning supplies. It’s therefore important to place your bathroom products at the right place and they should be kept clean always. Some examples of bathrooms cleaning supplies are mildew removers, washing fluids of windows, toilet bowl cleaners, towels, sponges, floor cleaners, scrub brushes, dusting rag and the soap scum.

When planning to clean your bathroom, you must have these supplies. Here is a guideline on how to clean bathrooms:

1. Tidy up.
The first step is to tidy up the bathrooms by keeping all the items into their specific place and removing any towel or rugs that are dirty in the bathroom. In case the rugs are dirty, wash them or put them to the laundry. The other thing to do is to start cleaning the shower and removing soap scums on the floor and also doing away with the mildew on the floor. You can clean the floor by spraying it with a cleaning solution and leaving it to soak for some few minutes and then come scrubbing the floor. You should not forget to clean the doors, tracks and the curtains in the bathrooms. After finishing cleaning them, rinse them properly to remove any residue and any loose dirt in the shower.


2. Cleaning shower mirrors.
You should not forget to clean the mirrors as they also may have some stains or even streak marks in them. Ensure you use window cleaners when cleaning these mirrors. The cleaners will remove the stains and streaks in the mirrors.

3. Dusting.
You should also ensure that you dust off the dirt in the shelves, moldings, frames of the door and in the baseboards using a clean rag.

3. Cleaning the Sinks and Faucets.
The next step after dusting is cleaning the sinks, countertops and the faucets and the pedestal. You can use cleaning products to clean these areas and ensure that the surfaces are perfectly clean.

4. Cleaning the toilet.
Most of the bathrooms have a toilet inside them. You should ensure that all the parts of the toilet are cleaned properly and no stains remain on the surface. You should clean the toilet using the toilet bowl cleaner, brush and some toilet cleaning products. The toilet lids, seat and the rims should be wiped perfectly clean. You can use a rag and a surface cleaner to wipe these surfaces. You should not make the mistake of leaving the back side of the toilet and the pedestal area on the floor.

4. Cleaning the floor.
Cleaning the floor of the bathrooms is the final step of cleaning. You should first sweep the floor and the mop it using rags or even the sponges. Ensure you also clean the baseboard areas. You should ensure that you disinfect the floor and clean the doorstep rags. Lastly, you should empty any trash that is in the bathroom bins. This will help in doing away with all the germs in the bathrooms. The clean towels should then be returned to their specific area.

By following the above guidelines, you will leave the bathrooms spankingly clean and very hygienic.