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Factoring & Financing

Over the years, finance has been the main proprietor of business development and has led to increased business growth among many countries. Small and medium-sized businesses have been the major beneficiaries of different types of financing services. As such, there are different financing services that have been developed recently to help people intending to start and grow in business development.


This is a type of financial transaction where the financial institution or a company results in selling its invoice to a third party commonly referred to as the third factor. Through this process, small and medium business entities might improve their productivity by selling the receivable amount in the accounts for the third party to get instant money. This allows for growth since the company might repay the money recovered from the invoice at a later date when the goods are finally manufactured and sold. This is one way that business can raise their money and grow in size to become big business entities globally. Factoring is the right choice for your business when you cooperate with professionals like Doug Foshee, the head of Sallyport Commercial Finance, a company offering a wide range of financial services.

Account receivable financing

This is one process that has been used by many companies to get financial support for faster growth and development. This is known as invoice financing where the company banks on the receivables amount and does not necessary need to provide assets or equity to access money. This process is less restrictive and less expensive compared to other forms of financing. Small and medium-sized business entities can use this financing process to acquire less restrictive and instant cash depending on the size of the company to grow their proceeds. This process involves a lender who is given the invoice to be paid by the customer and then provides instant cash to the company. The lender then follows-up the customer to pay the invoice then later remit the money to the company after deducting an administrative fee.

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